Our Story

Simple Beginnings

Jeremy and Helen have been friends for over a decade, as they'd attended high school together. But this is not your typical high school sweetheart love story. After high school, Helen stayed in Colorado to attend college in Denver, while Jeremy left for the east coast to play lacrosse. When Jeremy moved back to Colorado, they reconnected during a concert at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. Red Rocks will always hold a special place in Helen & Jeremy's hearts for this very reason. After their friendship had been reignited, Helen invited Jeremy on a spontaneous road trip to Arizona to visit a mutual friend and attend a music festival. Upon their return to Denver, and many concerts later, Jeremy asked Helen to be his girlfriend on a cold night in the city on February 22, 2014. The rest is truly history!

The Proposal

A wonderful IL based wedding photographer named Teresa had reached out to Helen asking her to participate in a photoshoot with Jeremy to help build her clientele in the Denver area. Knowing that they had mutual connections and having had her camera stolen from her a few weeks earlier, Helen happily agreed thinking she could use some professional photos for Christmas cards! Unbeknownst to Helen, Jeremy had separately reached out to Teresa asking to turn this into a proposal shoot. *cue the hiccups* Jeremy's message never sent to Teresa successfully, and after realizing this the morning of the photoshoot, Jeremy frantically tried to re-send his message to Teresa before meeting in Boulder. Unfortunately, Teresa's phone had died right up until they were all supposed to meet up. Despite the chaos behind the scenes, Jeremy was so calm, cool, and collected and everyone had such a great time at Lost Gulch Lookout. When the photoshoot was wrapping up, Jeremy got down on one knee at sunset, and completely surprised everyone. December 15th will forever be cherished by both Jeremy and Helen.
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